Spool Knitting How to use a Spool Knitter Pattern

Yarn Used
Jiffy - 450
Pattern Delivery
This pattern is available as a digital download only; no paper versions are available. Please save this pattern to your computer or mobile device before starting your project.
Pattern Gauge
Exact gauge is not essential to this project.
Pattern Size Options
One Size
Pattern Yarn Weight
5 Bulky
Project Type
Skill Level
Level 1 - Beginner
Dimensions Detail
The size of your braid depends on the size of the yarn and how far apart the pegs (nails) are on your spool knitter. If they are close and you use a thin yarn, the braid will be narrow. In the example shown, where we used Jiffy yarn and a knitter with n
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Spool Knitting How To Use A Spool Knitter Pattern